Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Live The Christmas Season!

Christmas came and gone like a car speeding past you. It seems almost impossible to grasp the reality of how fast years really do fly. I remember perfectly everything I did last Christmas of 2008, and now it’s almost 2010. This time last year I did not have a job so all I had to stress about was school. Having a job this year creates double stress and twice as busy of a life. I did not think life could get this busy. I love Christmas and unfortunately, this year I really had no time to grasp all the tiny details of Christmas that I love. I’ve listened to Christmas music every day as I went to school, I watched Christmas movies, but something was missing. As heart broken as I was with being so busy not even having time to soak up the fact that it is Christmas already, I topped it all off by working on Christmas Eve. It was a good day even though it was terribly busy because I was able to involve myself in a true Christmas service- an employee I worked with had his house robbed the previous night of his entire family’s Christmas presents. When I was informed, I extended a plea of giving from anyone who could donate a little something to this big gift basket. At the time he was finished with this shift (it was also his last day of work) we brought him to the back room with his parents and presented them with the gift basket, $180, and an 8 feet see through stocking filled with toys. It was very touching indeed. I was grateful that I was able to part of that experience because it brought a little more of Christmas in me. Well at closing time, I became extremely frustrated with the remaining customers as they pleasantly took their time through my line even when they noticed the lights were dimmed meaning “It’s time to go people”. This one woman took her precious time writing a check as I am anxious as anxious gets to get home to my family. Well I was able to be out of there by 6:30 pm still gathering all the while that It was Christmas Eve. I’ve never had a harder time believing in something. I got home very tired and emotional. My family was all ready to eat at the table. I changed and went to the table again, still trying to believe that I was not dreaming. The night passed very quickly. It was nice watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”. That brought my spirits up a little. I was sad most of the night though. All that was going through my mind was “Where did the year go???” Well Christmas day eventually came and it was a wonderful Christmas day filled with the joy  that wasn’t quite felt on Christmas Eve. I was glad I felt it though. It is now December 30 and I say to the world, it is still Christmas. New Years is a part of the “Holidays”. How and why would you want to throw away your Christmas tree the day after Christmas? After all the work you’ve put into that and home decorations why would you want to take it down? While working through the Holidays, it grieved me to hear people say, “I can’t wait for Christmas to be over”. That phrase right there tells me they have forgotten what Christmas is all about. Yes the rushes are tiring, but it’s their own fault for putting it off so drastically. Christmas is turning very commercial and it appears to be all about presents more than it ever has before. I hope I can do as much as I can next year to enjoy every tiny beautiful thing about Christmas.


One thing I have always loved about my family traditions after Christmas, is how we go to Logan my grandparents house for New Years. It is so wonderful knowing after Christmas day is over, we still have that fun fun trip to take! It is just a relaxing time. Something about Logan is just relaxing. We play ping pong, watch movies, tour the old town and just have fun being with each other. I can’t wait! I love Logan and I am going to live there someday. Well, After new years, we will be back to the real world and that means for me another new semester of school. I enjoy school, but I will miss Christmas and the holidays terribly. There is no happier time in my life then during the cozy peaceful November and December months. But it is comforting to know that it really will be here very soon.