Saturday, June 26, 2010

Newly Found Interests

I had the opportunity to have my official photo shoot for my best friend who is getting married. What fun we had, and I had editing! enjoy my newly found interests.


 IMG_4576 IMG_4718 IMG_4852 IMG_4514 IMG_4188 IMG_4144 IMG_4053 IMG_3753 IMG_3896

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Down 5 to Go

Well, today was my last day of summer semester. I'm glad I went (i never do summer) because I got three classes over with in 7 weeks rather than in three and a half months had I waited to take them in the fall. However, I have some sad news. Ever since fall semester ended last December, I had rejoiced in knowing I had broken the Jensen curse by passing Math 1010. I got a C- and assumed (which makes an -ass- out of -u- and -me- so I shouldn't have done that) that I passed it because in previous math courses, I got a C- and was fine. So life went on quite jolly as I was still in awe that I passed, but the other day as I went to register for fall 2010, I stumbled upon some upsetting news, in order to proceed in higher math courses starting with 1030 you need a C to pass. C- is not a passing grade. This basically ruined my whole day. Imagine yourself living life for 6 months celebrating every day the graduation of a hard math course. Sharing such joy with others and spreading the tidings. It is still depressing to this moment, but I keep my head high as I have just registered for the course again, BUT with the teacher I had before who is quite excellent. I probably would've have gotten a D- had I not had her as a teacher. So now I know I will pass this time. Also what comes as a sadness, is that my getting my associates will be post poned by a semester. That is right- Post poned. Another joy I shared too soon. This is what is new in the life of Britney Jensen. Good night and good luck.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Year is Half Over

Where in the world did this year go? I just can’t wrap my finger around the fact that it is indeed June now. June. That means 6 months ago, 6, I embarked to Maryland. 6. Crazy now time flies. Life is good. I am simply loving my new position at work. School is going by fast, only 3 more weeks! Although I’ve had hard hard weeks, I still enjoy it. The Barrett Film Festival In Logan was a lot of fun. Being there made me realize or rather, remind myself how much I love my extended family. What fun we all have. Well last Thursday I watched my little brother, my best friend, graduate from AF high. Really? I couldn’t quite grasp that it was his turn. But I just graduated…or at least I thought I did, it has been three years. High school seems like a dream looking back at it all. I miss the old days more than anything. While watching my moms home videos of her and her siblings as kids, made me cry, bawl actually. How wonderful it was to see them all so young. If I could do anything in the world it’d be to watch my mom grow up. Perhaps someday I can. Well this summer is going to be an exciting one as my best friend and I have planned a week long trip to the happiest place on earth. How excited I am. I am playing tennis more oft, now that the snow has seemed to cease finally. Thanks winter for butting in line of Spring. You better let Fall last till November. Well again, life is wonderful. I love my friends (especially the dozens I’ve made at work) and my awesome beyond awesome family. I am one lucky girl. Anyway, here are some pictures of the times. Good ol’ times



100_7174 visiting dearest grandpa

100_7191 just cute.

100_7229 after a short walk up the hill


100_7153 Friends forever and ever

100_7280 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over this cuteness.