Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Bit of Me

It has been quite some time since I last posted anything, so now I will post something. Summer 2010 has been fun. As school ended mid June, I have found myself working, and playing tennis-that is about it. Oh, I also bought a car on July 10. It was a long process and the car wasn't fully mine until just about two days ago. How I love my car. Quick story on why I had to enter into such a debt: around the end of June, I went outside to start my car cause I was going to go somewhere. I put in the key, and it clicked and then was silent after more tries with the ignition. I sighed. After having tried jumping it several times with different cars, it didn't budge. Two weekends ago when I went to Moab, my dad who stayed behind checked out my car to see what might be wrong with it, turns out the problem was beyond us and our money so I said to myself it is simply not worth it. So i went car shopping the day after we returned from Moab (fun trip btw, hot hot hot but Moab is always a fun getaway) I found myself a '97 Toyota camry with a sun roof I should add. It is so much fun.

Well, that's probably the newest of things in my life right now. Today is Pioneer day and my parents and Brian are in Logan, unfortuntely I could not join them as I have to work all weekend. How I love visiting dear Grandma and that old house. Anyway, since they are gone, we few siblings had a bbq at my sisters and swam in the pool. It was a fun time.

My Disneyland trip that I have been counting down to since May is almost here! I can hardly wait. How I've missed it so.

Supervising at Macey's is grand except for the fact that they cut over 1,000 hours among all employees and it leaves us with very few baggers and cashiers which results in my having to step in a checkstand and not be abe to "supervise" c'mon boss! It has been better past few weeks so as is well.

Until recently I have decided to elaborate on my major, yes it is still creative writing, and yes I still would like to become a great author some day, but for starters, I want to gather all my poetry and future poems and make a book like my grandma's. A simple hard bound book. Nothing professional, no legit publishing, just something that my work can be safe in and all typed up. I want to start looking into it soon.