Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear September

I can’t believe how fast you went by! Don’t be offended or anything, but I’m glad your over because that means it’s time for October, which brings red leaves and cold, and eventually Thanksgiving and Christmas! It was a fun month though. You were full of corn mazes, babysitting, bunko and decor shopping. Thanks for displaying all Halloween decor so early! Makes me so excited! Well, there’s not much else to say except, I’ll see you next year and we both know that will come by faster than we think.




Friday, September 25, 2009

Chesnuts and Pumpkins

I cannot put into words how much I love Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. A cold, rainy fall morning is another's hot sunny summer's evening. I am in love with the upcoming seasons. Just thinking about them makes me smile. Right now, I cannot wait to see the mountain's trees turn all the way Red. I cannot wait to see orange leaves on the ground and covering my car. I cannot wait to hear the wind howling, knowing it's carrying a cold chill, and I cannot wait to wake up to the sound of rain, a sky full of grey clouds, and fog covering the mountains. That is a moment where I'm most happy.
I just decorated my room for Halloween, decorations bought last year, over $40 worth (I spend more money on decor than clothes!) I think Halloween is my most favorite holiday to decorate for and yes, I decorate my room, where else can I?! I put up spider webs on my one piece of furniture (a humble straw chair) and on the corners outside my closet and on my lights. I also set up my harvest spice candle that has filled my room with the glorious scent of fall. I put up fake leaves and hid pumpkins in them, and I laid my pumpkin fleece blanket on my bed. If that's not love for Halloween, I don't know what is. It's amazing how scents remind us of things. I went to my sisters house the other day, and when I walked in, I smelt fall. I smelt Halloween, I smelt Christmas. Immediately, I was there again.
Ah Christmas. Is it any wonder that the time we celebrate Christ's birth is truly the happiest, most peaceful time of the year? It is when people come together. When shopping at the grocery store, everyone seems to be a bit more friendly. It's when we're standing in a terribly long line while Christmas shopping, but not at all frustrated, because we can see snow outside, and we can hear Christmas music playing. At least that's how it is for me. I love the Christmas rush, and although it appears to be a stressful time for most (the shopping etc.), I try to make the most of it because it only comes once a year and there is not any other time in the year that can even come close to how the Christmas season makes us feel.
I cannot wait to leave school, speedily zipping up my coat because it just started to snow. I cannot wait to get into my car, blast the heater, and turn on Christmas music on Kozy, cheeks still ice from outside. I cannot wait to arrive home from school, see the Christmas tree through the front window, and hear Christmas music playing in the kitchen. I cannot wait to go in my room to work on homework and see the decorations I put up a month early. I cannot wait to watch White Christmas and The Bishops Wife with my dad. I cannot wait to hear Mannheim Steamroller and Neil Diamond Christmas music, because that is really where it all started for me. And last of all, I cannot wait for. . .

Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire
Yuletide carols, being sung by a choir
Folks dressed up like Eskimos
Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow
To see if Reindeer really know how to fly
To know that Santa's on his way
Two turtle doves
Tree tops glistening
Children listening
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Write a Deep Poem In 10 Minutes

(caution: take heed only to your risk, amateur poet ahead)

Pick something or someone write your poem about. Gather unfamiliar words and form them into Renaissance dialogue (optional). Leave out or replace unnecessary words such as because, however, actual, awesome, again, etc. Right click on words to find synonyms that may sound more sophisticated and refined. Don't refer to anything directly. Use metaphors and analogies.

Here is a poem I wrote in 8 minutes.

Falls Ending

Post rains visit

as drenched leaves follow.

Gusts seem to speak;

recollect on seasons haste

memories among scents.

It is your crimson,

not white, I wish to see.

Vibrant skies

harmonizing with

everything you have

given to my ground.

Now comes white world.

Fall last seemd to pass,

devoid of farewell.

Frozen rain raids,

layering your colors.

Here, exodus

of this glorious setting,

'til we meet again.

Chocolate Rain

Yesterdays rain put a smile on my face. I was at school at around 11 am talking to my good friend out on the grass when it started. We both sat there letting the rain collapse on our heads and clothes and we loved every second of it. Everything about yesterday looked like fall and it was brilliant. The clouds hovering over Timpanogas made it look like it was snowing. Words cannot describe how much I love and am excited for Fall and Winter. We pull out our winter clothing and start buying hot chocolate. We light our fire places, or put on a movie while in cozy pajamas. I think the most priceless moment anyone can have in their lives, well in my life, is cuddling up with a blanket, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, while it's snowing outside. I cannot wait for that. I am also excited to be able to watch White Christmas and The Bishops Wife, some of my personal favorites.

I humor people when I tell them i decorate my room for the holidays. It's my excuse for not having my own home, but hey, when I do, I will already have plenty of decor! Halloween is probably the most fun to decorate for, then Christmas.

Well, again, yesterdays weather got me excited so I thought I'd post a little note on the upcoming seasons.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There and There Again

It seems to always be too late to answer frequently asked questions on here. All the same, I'll talk a little about school and answer the question I'm always asked.

I love school. I once wrote a status on Facebook saying how much I loved it, and my friend replied to it by saying something along the lines of "ha ha ha i love it too! ;)" and we all know the winky face means just kidding. So I replied by saying, "No, I really do love school!" And it's true. I enjoy learning and listening to lectures. I think their brilliant. It's amazing how different school is and your learning when not only the class is good, but the teacher is personal leading to effectiveness. I love when teachers take the time to get to know you. It seems to assist you in taking the class more seriously, and making the best out of it.

I am now a sophomore at Utah Valley University. I go Monday, and Wednesday 8 am to 3 pm, and Friday 10 am to 1 pm. I am taking Math 1010, Shakespeare, English 2010, and Art History. So far my favorite is probably Art History, because all it is is the teacher talking, filling our minds with greatness!

My favorite semester so far has been Fall of '08. I took a tennis class, that was fun despite not learning new skills, and just playing against other team members.

I remember my first semester in college, Spring of '08. I slept over at my sisters house who at the time lived in Orem near by and since my first class was at 7 am, I thought It'd be smart to stay over, being so close. I remember parking by the new library which back then was still being built. It was still dark outside and there was hardly anyone around. My first class was History which I loved. But I only loved the lectures. The teacher never asked us our names, he never encouraged us to meet the person sitting next to us, and he never discussed in class how we were doing on the quizzes (there was never any homework). No matter how many times I read the chapters, or how many notes I took, I failed every single quiz. They were very hard and I only wished they were on what was talked about. (Maybe they were and it was just too early to concentrate, yeah that's it) Well I guess the story is over now that I've become the victim.

Moving on. I once wrote a short story in 11th grade. To me it was one of the best things I had ever written. How it came about was my teacher had everyone write down on small strips of paper a place, a noun, and an action, then he drew one of each out of the jar. We ended up with a Chef, a rooftop, and the action was running. We all had to write a short story including those three things somewhere in it. So, the first thing that popped in my head before I had even thought up a story line was my title, "The Running Chef's Rooftop." I then thought to make it about a restaurant that is run down but brought back to life by some kind of motivation given to the old man who once owned it and lived in the apartment above. It was about a page long. I was so proud of my details and imagery, that when I read it for the class, I made sure I read it slowly and clearly (something that I have weakness in). When I was finished reading it, I received a decent applause and a "Great job" from my teacher, I think. I guess I was over prideful because I was so hoping my teacher would ask me for a copy to show to future classes as an example of "greatness" Yeah right. But nonetheless, It did not diminish my confidence and pride. I still loved the story. Today, I do not know where I placed "The Running Chef's Rooftop" and I've tried at least thrice to re-write it and I cannot. Perhaps it's one of the stories that cannot be re-written again, for it has already been mastered.

I love to write which is why I started this blog. If anyone has any prompt to offer, any idea for a short story, PLEASE let me know!
'Till we meet again

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LOST-From Genius to Crap

Calm down, this isn’t my opinion, but it is of others and I’d like to take a minute to discuss why and how a person could think such a thing. My personal background with LOST goes like this: In 2007, I watched the pilot episode of Season 1 while babysitting. Just one episode, nothing more. I was so intrigued by it all that I bought the season the NEXT day! It left me in such suspense that I couldn’t wait until I came back to this house to watch the next episode, it’d be a week at the least! Well, I wouldn’t have it, I wanted LOST for my own. So I handed over $50 to the target cashier and literally skipped to my car with glee.

Ever since then I’ve been a fan and have kept up with every season. Season two is personally my favorite followed by one, then three. One is a lot of fun because almost every episode (after the first disc or two because it’s slow with introductions) there is mystery and suspense. About a month ago, my friend Chanelle, who I introduced the television show to, and I were watching an episode where one of the “passengers” on the plane who before this scene, we find out he was never on the plane and is most likely what they call, an “other”, sneaks up on the young passengers, Claire and Charlie in the jungle, and my friend screamed at the top of her lungs! It was very funny and to this day I’m still laughing at how loud she was.

Anyway, that wasn’t the first time we were on the edge of seats with wide eyes just waiting for another intense part. LOST is full of it. Now Season 2 gets good with new characters from the other side of the plane on the other side of the Island, and a new discovery, The Hatch which is an underground living space. With thrilling suspicions and psycho flashbacks, Season 2 is worth it. Now I’ll briefly go through season three and four. Three we discover about three more hatches on the island that contain unresolved surroundings and people. Season four we feel relieved because there’s a freighter out in the ocean to pick up the survivors of the plane crash, but then we find out that really these rescuers primary objective is not to rescue. Season five began in January of 2009. With season four already slanting down with creativeness and reality, five brought some of it’s fans down and disappointment.

A close friend of mine replied when asked what he thought about season five by saying he hated it. Absolutely hated it. I was able to understand a little of where he was coming from. The Island disappearing under the water, one of the survivors shooting a young boy, and the ending of light hearted moments found in Season one and two. There’s no more scenes at the end of episodes where there's fun music playing and everyone is friends and everything seems to be o.k. That's the LOST we all fell in love with in the beginning; how there could be this black smoke that kills people and then Boone dies, but everyone is slowly brought together by a kind word, or a joke, or a laugh. That's how LOST was kept alive in us because there was variety.

I like to say LOST is every genre: Romance, Action, suspense, Comedy, and Drama. It's true! But in season five some may recall LOST let go of the genres we love and only held onto drama and suspense. Where's the comedy? Where's the love? I miss season one and two! Again, these are not my opinions, but I can surely understand someone who would think this way. LOST is still an amazing show, but the writers seem to be running out of ideas and replacing them with ridiculous twists that shatter our own imagination. Let us hope season six is the best one being the last one!

By Raise of Hand…

Who’s heard of Ernest Shackleton, The Marx Brothers, or Harold Lloyd? What about the films, Snowball Express, It Happened One Night, Shackleton, or maybe Newhart or The Honeymooners? I’m writing about this today because these people and films are classic and I’ve asked a lot of friends (most of whom are my age) if they’ve heard of either, and they reply to my great sorrow, no. Even if you, readers, have not like my young friends, take an interest now and fill your mind with new knowledge of greatness.

To name a few…

Ernest Shackleton

I once had a conversation with a friend who is in my singles ward named John. We got on topic of great shows and I asked him if he had ever heard of Shackleton. He replied, No, and it surprised me. He seemed to be the kind of chap that would know of him. Because of my own personal fondness of such a man, I knew there’d be no way I’d leave the conversation not having taught another person what I know. So, I taught.

Ernest Shackelton was an Anglo-Irish explorer who was one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. He was a great leader because his goal was to not let one man in his entire crew die. He was determined to make sure every man came home alive. In 1915, Ernest Shackelton embarked on one of the most astonishing, harrowing and ultimately inspiring polar expeditions in the history of exploration. With his ship ice bound and his food supplies running from scarce to barren, Shackleton’s leadership enabled all 27 of his original crew members to survive the one year ordeal and return to England. His instincts and ability to guide through the most desperate and derisive circumstances is the stuff of sheer, unequaled heroism. (See 2002 film “Shackelton” with Kenneth Branagh)

The Marx Brothers

My father introduced these great people some three years ago. Taken back by complete randomness and awe, I fell in love with the geniuses comedic aspects of each Marx Brothers films. I too ask my friends if they’ve heard of them and they reply, no. “Ah! But they’re so funny!” I reply. And they are. I believe that everyone has a small recollection of viewing them sometime in their life at home, but they cannot recall an episode or funny line.

Possibly some of the most comedic actors in the 20th Century, Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo, all brothers, come together in five classic Hollywood films in the 1920’s. They include, “The Coconuts”, “Animal Crackers”, “Horse Feathers”, “Duck Soup”, and “Monkey Business”. After these five films were made, the youngest brother Zeppo, did not continue on to be in the last four films made in the early 1930’s. The Marx Brothers humor is unique and Irresistible!

*fun fact: Hawkeye Pierce in the 1970’s television hit, M*A*S*H, based his character role off the thick eyebrow and moustache goofball, Groucho.

Harold Lloyd

I was introduced to Harold Lloyd about three years ago and laughed my head off in one of his silent films. I’m not quite sure why Charlie Chaplin is more popular than Lloyd, but I will say that in my humble opinion, Lloyd is as funny if not funnier than Chaplin; he does his own stunts too ;)

Harold Lloyd ranks alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as one of the most popular and influential film comedians of the silent film era. Lloyd made nearly 200 comedy films, both silent and "talkies," between 1914 and 1947. He is best known for his "Glasses Character", a resourceful, success-seeking go-getter who was perfectly in tune with 1920s era America.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear August (2009)

I miss you already but at the same time…you being gone means the holidays are even sooner! You are the month that school started once again for me. Thanks for not being too hot. I have a feeling it’ll be a early fall/winter. I hope your excited as I am even though you’re long gone, but I have no doubt we’ll see each other before we know it! Well during your month, I was able to do a lot! Like i mentioned at the beginning, school started, I got to watch my friend, who’s in the National Guard, jump out of a helicopter, I got to spend the entire day with my cousin who got married! I got to attend the breakfast, the temple pictures, and the entire reception, It was lovely, perfect weather too, and I went to the Bean Museum with my siblings and their kids. Well, you were a good month, we’ll see what September has to offer! We’ll talk soon!

Music Videos from the Toilet Store


Armi Ja Danny - I Want To Love You Tender


Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

They’re called, Family


I was born in Boise Idaho on March 28, 1989. We moved to Pleasant Grove one year later and have lived in this house for 19 years. My family is very close and I'm glad we've stayed in this house as long as we have because we've been able to make so many memories here.

Dad- He is probably one of the funniest people I know. He's such a good person and I'd trust him more than anyone. I think he has an amazing singing voice and is spectacular at the piano.

Mom- I love the little things she does. Her funny faces and noises. I'm proud to say I got those from her. I love it most when she's in a good mood, it changes everything!

Ben-We were the closest before he left on his mission. I wrote him the entire time. Next to my dad, he's one of the funniest people I know. Sometimes he makes jokes that no one really laughs at, but I laugh my head off. He is my hero.

Lindsey (Sister-in-law)- Before Ben started seriously dating her, he told me, you and Lindsey are a lot alike, and we are! She's crazy like me and we can be dorks and laugh about it!

Bree- My only sis. Ever since her first daughter Reese was born, we've gotten very close, closer than ever before. She's hilarious and I love that I've been able to tend for her for four years.

Chad (Brother-in-law)- The first thing he said to me when he first came over to our house was, "I like your bracelet." What a suck up. He's of course like my older brother. I admire how he gives me random calls in the week just wanting to talk and ask me how school is going. Chad is rad.

Bryce- Oh Bryce. What to say. He's my bud and ever since he's returned from his mission a year and a half ago, we've gotten close. Going to school together, homework together, and being in the same singles ward. We have fun making stupid jokes.

Brad- My best friend. If there's anyone weirder than I am, it's him. We get along better than peanut butter and jelly. He makes me laugh all the time. We accept each other despite our oddities and peculiarities.

Brian- The most humble kid I know. He's my spongebob buddy. He's someone who will laugh at anything and is up for watching a movie with me anytime.

Reese (My niece)- I can't believe she's four. I've watched her grow literally, every since she was born I've been tending her twice a week and to this day. Words cannot describe how much I love that girl. She is so funny and I feel so lucky to be her aunt.

Sawyer (My nephew)- What a handsome boy! I know we'll be friends when he's older...he doesn't like me that much yet :p He's so stinkin cute and I love seeing him learn new things including how to talk!

Estella (Reese's sister)- Cute baby girl. She's turning one in just one month and I can't believe it. Her personality is so fun and she's such a crazy girl! I love it! For the first few months we all thought her personality would be calm and quiet, but now, she's wild like her sister!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life as a Nanny

I've been babysitting for over 8 years and it's been quite an awarding experience. I started at the age of twelve or so, tending for kids in the neighborhood. In the beginning up until about 2005, some of the families I was with were the Warrens,and Waldvogels. The Gordons and Kirbys from then till this past summer, and of course my sisters kids from 2005 to now. When asked what I do, I recently discovered that it might be best if I just answered, I'm a nanny, instead of, I babysit. It just sounds better doesn't it? So in 2006 I got my first "real" job at Cold Stone Creamery. I was employed there for two years exactly. May '06 to May '08. It was...a good job, I started at $5.15 an hour to $10. The ten an hour came about after I told my boss I wanted to quit...she asked me if maybe I could work ever now and then, once or twice a month for $10 and I said sure. So I did that from March to May 10 and that was my last day. Anyway, I suppose I'm getting off track, but during those two years at the stone, I still was able to babysit erm...nanny? And I'm glad because I was able to make a little extra cash, and stay in touch with friends that I've known for so long. For the first 5 years I never said what I charged, I just accepted what they gave me. About a year ago, I started tending for two more families and we actually discussed what pay was reasonable. It worked out great. To this day I still tend for those two families and another family once in a while that I've been with since i was 14. I love it. I love kids and I wouldn't trade any experience for this. I want to be a mother more than anything and I hope all these years of tending kids will benefit!

4 Places I Love

1- Home While I was in high school, I always came home for lunch and I hardly ever hung out on the weekends with my friends, I never went to Football games or dances (besides Sadies, Homecoming etc.) Sure I had friends, but it was purely choice to go out or stay home. I loved sitting on the couch and just taking with my family. I loved watching movies with my little brothers. I just preferred to stay at home, I felt safe and happy.

2. Disneyland Maybe it was because my first trip was when I was about 4, or because...well I can't think of any other reason of why I love Disneyland so much. I believe the magic comes when you visited for the first time as a child. When you couldn't believe that Aladin had his arm around you for a picture, or that there were pirates singing to you, or how Mickey would dance and perform magic on water. There's magic in Disneyland and we all know that once we step inside, it literally feels like anothe r world. We forget there's a world out there, that we have jobs back home (ahem...except me) and tests we have to study for. You feel H-A-P-P-Y and totally relaxed. I am proud to say that my family is a Disney family. As a family we've been about 11 + times. I love the memories we created there. Being in the Disney Vacation Club since 2005, we have been able to stay in the Disneyland Hotel twice and go on soon to be, two Disney cruises.

3. Logan Sigh. I love Logan. It is where my mothers parents have resided for over thirty years. Their river side mansion home is where I'd like to say I grew up. My first trip there was when I was about one year old. I have been at least once a year since then. Now growing up, Logan to me was my grandparents house. It was like their house was called Logan. Now we all love our grandparents house, the ones we too grew up in. We love the smell, the pictures, and the memories we created in every corner of the house. I love the smell, and the pictures. I love that all my cousins can share with me so many memories and that we can all reminisce on practically everything that went on in that house. And what went on? Diet Coke and Pepsi in the basement freezer, Gum on top of the frigde in the bizarre ceilinged kitchen. The ping pong table, Pool table and Air Hockey. It's calling on the way up in the car which room we want to sleep in! Our choices are as follows, The Yellow room, The Exercise room, The Frog room, The Guest Room (which now has recently been changed to the Golf Room in honor of Grandpa Scott) Blake's Room, and Clark's Room. I personally stayed in the Yellow room most often. Mom and dad got Blake's Room, my littlest brother Brian got Clark's room which was a perfect size bed for one. My oldest brother Ben got the exercise room (I wonder why) and my sister would either kick me out of the Yellow room and I'd stay in the frog room with Brad, or...yeah she'd kick me out. So now taking small trips back up there we can't help but see our young selves and why we now love every little thing in the house. Until recently it's especially memorable ever since Grandpa Scott passed away in June. I took a trip up there in July with my mom and little brothers. We found Grandma out reading on the deck next to her new garden that she's ever so proud of. She told us of how she was going out on a walk one day and caught herself calling to Grandpa if he wanted to come. She of course realized that he wasn't there. But no matter what, being there will always remind me of him. Everything around me is all Grandpa Scott. This might be silly, but I want to name my son Logan in memory of Grandpa because he was born there and passed away there. And I also love the city more than my own. I would like to live there one day. There wouldn't be any other place I'd rather live.

4. Moab My grandparents bought a condo down in Moab in a complex right by the Moab Golf Course some 15 + years ago. Ever since then we've all had the chance to go down and there and enjoy the red rock surroundings and tour Arches National Park. I love Moab for some of the same reasons I love my grandparents house; the smell, the memories, and the location. We too choose the rooms we want to stay in. We have a choice of the bedroom with two beds, or the doll room (I'm not sure who started that name but there are dolls in there!) and the Master bedroom which us kids never get to have. We always sign and comment in the guest registery started by Grandpa. It's fun to read entries from cousins and aunts and uncles who stayed there past times and how they tell of what they did during their stay. We always go swimming maybe twice a day at the pool that's just three condos away. We hike to Delicate Arch or Balancing Rock, or Park Avenue. What also goes on down there is the Moab Music Festival. Not many people know what that is so perhaps I'll explain here. My Uncle founded this Festival with the assistance of his father, Grandpa Scott. This month will be 19th year since this spectacular event was started. It is held mostly in the outdoors in the deep of the canyon where red rocks encircle you and the cool wind brushes against your face as you hear the most beautiful voices and instruments bounce off the rocks and echo through the valley. That is how I describe the Moab Music Festival. Call now at 18003356789 to book your tickets this month! Just Kidding.

3 Q's I'm Asked the Most

For people who will probably ask me these questions in the future, I'll go ahead and answer them now.

1. Q.Why did you decide to go to AF high instead of PG? What about the boundries?
A. Well, first then boundries said I had to go to PG then it changed and I had to go to AF, then it changed again and I was free to decied. I didn't like PG Junior, I didn't have any friends, and my brother was going to AF so i could ride with him and not have to take the bus, plus it's closer.

2. Q.Where are you going to school and what are you studying?
A. I'm at UVU and i'm going into Creative Writing.

3. Q. Who do you babysit for?
A. I babysit for my sister twice a week and the Budges every Friday night, who are in my stake

The Best Vacation Ever

On May 27th, 2009, my cousins Drew and his now Wife Julie, Elise and her Husband Jeff and I set out on our dream vacation to Disneyland. Something that we had hoped for and wanted for years! Our last day was May 30 and we headed home the next day. The weather was great and the crowds weren't too bad! Being with my clan who are on top of things and wanting to do one thing after the other, we got ALOT done! It was brilliant. I'll never forget our last day we were in the park from 9 in the morning to midnight. No break-it was fantastic.

o a Disneyland CHURRO: By Britney Jensen, on occasion of the Disneyland trip 2009
April 2009

Alas a
nother trip comes near,
the magic kingdom awaits.
I wait, I smile, and I can’t sit still.
I countdown to . . .

Your churros
priced at $3.00.
There you are
sitting in a small booth
ran by an employee
who knows nothing
of your genuineness.
I hand over gas money,
then handed to me is you.
I gently grip your long body.
Sugar flakes
falling lightly on my pants.
My fingers attract
your shiny tiny cubes,
hoping to be licked later on.
I open my mouth,
eyes closed,
hearing the crushing,
collapsing sweet bread,
tasting the
delicious texture.
The sound of flakes falling
brushing against
the napkin.
I wipe around my mouth,
clap my hands together
to release excess
I’m done, and I’m pleased.
Churro, you are the reason
I come to Disneyland.

I Need to Write!

Welcome to my blog! I finally made it! Why I didn't do a blog before? I didn't have any patience figuring out how to do all this! Alas, here I am. Now I'm just going to get into my topic of today, "I Need to Write". So I went to American Fork High School and had the most amazing creative writing teacher, Mr. Beeson. The class was so much fun that it was what made me decide on what I wanted to major in, in College. It's stuck ever since. I talk to a lot of people who say they've changed their major many times, and I think, that sounds like a pain! I've kept my major the same, and not because it'd be a pain to change it, but because I love it. I love writing and actually should do it more...which is why I want to start blogging! It will get me to write everyday about everything. Well this has been my intro. Enjoy the rest of my life!