Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrity Day

Over the past few weeks, we have watched alot of movies, and I mean alot- I love movies so much and with all kinds of actors and actresses coming in and out I thought I’d take a moment and give a shout out to my personal favorites and the movie I love them most in….

1. Jim Carrey- Bruce Almighty

2. Nicolas Cage -National Treasure

Greg Kinnear- Sabrina

4. Tea Leoni –Fun With Dick and Jane

Kate Winslet- Finding Neverland

that’s all :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Cupid Day

It was a lovely day full of kicks and giggles and lovely scents of Valentine flowers; A wondrous breakfast and a delightful dinner.


Having too much fun with Bennet…100_4686 100_4681 100_4683

100_4694 100_4703 100_4702 Mwahaha! The power of Baby Einstein

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Take a look part 2 of The Blizzard of 2010

100_4637 hidden are two cars and three houses from the front living room window



Saturday, February 6, 2010

We’re Here Live to the Snow!

It all started yesterday around 4 pm. Frozen rain began to invade our lands and crops. It was the beginning of the end. Over night it grew to be about a foot, then up until this evening it is officially 2 feet. News channels are calling it, The Blizzard of 2010! Run for you lives! Or rather…stay where you are! (as if we have a choice) I find all this “chaos” quite cozy actually; we all do here in this little home. Around noon today, we found a foot of snow up against the front screen door-we were literally trapped in! I found it all entertaining. When hearing about this snow storm that would approach I thought, can’t be more than Utah’s worst, but now I do declare I don’t recall Utah ever having this much snow. Maryland won the competition. While KC was shoveling this late afternoon, Em and I took a plunge and hastily ran outside to play for a minute or two; we even took silly pictures and videos. It was rejuvenating for our souls that’s for sure! Anyway here are some pictures of the craziness…


100_4582100_4594 100_4588


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lighter Notes

Yesterday we became one helper short. It seems as though the moment Janice left, everything became chaotic. For the first time since we arrived back home, Emily and I were all alone-three fussing babies and only four hands. This was it, this was how it was going to be. The sky seemed to darken and the chills from outside seemed to seep through the walls. Emily and I gazed into each others fearful eyes… Ok it wasn’t this dramatic, I just wanted to have some fun. But really, ironically the time Janice left was the time of day where the babies have their fussy time. It lasted for an hour or two until KC finally came home. They just cried for no reason-very frustrating. All was well when the evening arrived. We had time to relax and take a deep breath. But around 8 o’clock something happened that changed our entire…night. We put them in their cribs IN their room and they slept all through the night waking up only twice to eat. We even had time to watch the LOST premiere! I’ve come up with a plan to distribute shifts-from 9 to midnight, KC will be on call when one wakes up. Then, from midnight to 3, I will be on call, then from 3 to 6 Emily is on call. I think it will work perfectly because we can all sleep in our beds, and only get up for 20 minutes to feed. We’ve even come up with a S.O.S. code-three knocks means I need a helper, six knocks means I need both of you cause all three are awake. I will report back on the results of this plan later.

100_4552   100_4553

We got to go to the Annapolis mall on Friday, what an adventure that was! We all had the babies strapped to us, and they actually did very well!

Now, I’d like to discuss for a sentence or five, my thoughts on the premiere of abc’s LOST. I had predicted that it would steer back to the beginning where all the passengers of flight 815 are on the plane again and it doesn’t crash! Well here’s what happened, it started out with the passengers on the plain as they were on September 22, 2004 but this time, instead of Rose panicking about the turbulence, it was Jack. Significant? I think YES! It was a twist indeed. What should’ve happened had the plane not crashed happened including landing in Los Angeles safe and sound. Only question I have, is this a flashback or a flash forward with all memories of the survivors forgotten, as if all they’ve been through never happened, there is time travel so maybe it took them back to Australia when they first boarded the plane. Why is Shannon not on the plane with her brother boone? So many questions, but I look forward to the unveiling of long time questions as this season continues and will eventually end for good. Long live LOST!