Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream With Me

I don't quite know how to put into words my deep love for the upcoming seasons.
These are the images I've been dreaming of all throughout the summer, a terrible season to bare through I must say. 


If only the weather changed all of the sudden around the end of september and lasted till early or mid November, that would be ideal. But we still get to see the colors and feel the cool air even if for a short time as the previous autumns have been that I recall. I love to bundle up in a light sweater and maybe a pair of gloves. I love to feel the autumn breeze and see it rustle the red leaves throughout the streets. I can only think of one word to describe it, cozy. 


The reason I love this holiday has much to do with the fact that it happens during the fall time. This holiday is my favorite to decorate for. I don't get too much into costumes and parties, but they're still fun    because it all happens in this cool breezy cozy season. I love to see people buying cider and pumpkins where I work because I know that they're buying it for a party or for family enjoyment. 


The second biggest holiday for family gatherings and fond memory making. I love this holiday because it means Christmas is right around the corner. I have fond memories waking up on thanksgiving day hearing Christmas music upstairs and mom continuing preparations for the feast. It's a day to stay right at home and light the fireplace, cozy up with a good book and maybe put on a Christmas movie. Everyone is in a good mood full of a joyful spirit.


I'm so grateful for the Christmas traditions I grew up with. They are extremely special to me and I hold them very dear. I think I love Christmas Eve more because the excitement is at it's peak. Christmas is really here and tonight we get to celebrate with our traditions. The eve and Christmas day are the two days out of the year that are truly wonderful. I cannot express my love for this holiday and the love that is in the air between families. It's no wonder that this time of happiness and peace is the time we celebrate Christ's birth. 

Sorry but spring and summer have no sentimental value for me. They are the two seasons that I wait for to be over. I can't wait for it to be October and on. It all truly brings me joy. I love it all and I still do not think this post has expressed it fully :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Finally, a hobby that I love. I've been needing something to do in my spare time and I finally found it- homemade home decor! I am a frequenter at Hobby Lobby now and can't seem to get enough of thier good deals. It really is so much cheaper to make stuff than buy it, and more fun! Anyway, here's the latest!

These were just cardboard-ish paper letters. I just glued scrapbook paper on then mod-podged it and sanded it!

These jars are pretty hard to get the paper in there in a circular form but I found that if I just cut if narrow enough it'll go around the entire jar quite without being crooked. So simple. Paper and ribbon.

These letters were kind of an accidental project. I bought them thinking I'd make something totally different, but I changed my mind on the other idea I had and went ahead and made this! The ribbon is just super glued to the back and the polka dots are hole punched from the scrapbook paper I had and then I mod podged it all on!