Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Still Single. . .

I cannot wait to be married and have about one hundred and fifty more things to write about. It is a different world writing from a single life. I have no stories of funny things my kids did, or stories of my honeymoon, or stories of my pregnancy. . .but some day I shall. So I will keep writing independently and freely; after all my major is creative writing, so I should get all the creative poems and stories in before life takes over and I start having to write about non-single life!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Opinions vs. Facts

I'd like to write about something that's been on my mind lately, something I've noticed with people. First I'd like to bring up the terms we call Opinions and Facts.

Opinion: A belief that may or may not be backed up with evidence.

Fact: A pragmatic truth, a statement that can, at least in theory, be checked and confirmed.
(source: Wikipedia)

Example 1. Lets pretend I was talking with some friends about who the best looking actor is. I say, "I think Hugh Jackman is so attractive". They then say, "He's really not."

1. Hello, I was giving an opinion and you can't say to me he's really not. Where is your proof that he's really not? Where can you confirm that? What this person should have said instead was, "In my opinion, I don't think he is."

Example 2. Lets say I was talking to a classmate and said, "I like the name Logan." And then they say, "That's not a name."

1. Hello, who are you to say it's not a name? Do you have back up? A statement saying it's not a name? I didn't think so.

Example 3. Lets say a friend of mine began to discuss the issues among congress. I notice confusion she has with one cabinet and the other. I correct her and say, "Actually I think it's this way other than that way." That would be more factual than opinionated because I could find proof for my answer.

I've heard people who will correct wrong facts in a mean way. All we have to say is, "Actually I thought it was this" or, "It might be this!" or, "I actually heard this". No need to get excited for knowing something someone does not and then make them feel stupid for not knowing it. This has happened to me many times and I wish people would just word their phrases differently; so instead of saying, "I can't believe you didn't know that" or "Wow everyone knows that". (sarcastic tone) they could say, "Oh, I thought you'd know that." or "Well now that you know that, isn't it great?"

I bring these thoughts up because it's becoming so common these days. People will interfere when someone gives their opinion by trying to outsmart them (when the opinion giving person was not trying to prove factual knowledge) and transform the "opinion", turn it opposite, and make it to sound factual-very unnecessary. People should not get offended or think they have to hurry and outsmart a person because they disagree with the opinion; they need to stop and think hey, they were just speaking their minds-nothing official.

That is all.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Wonder

On January 27 2009, my family embarked on our first Disney cruise and had the time of our lives. Being in the Disney Vacation Club allows us to vacation more than we ever would with incredible benefits! We are so lucky that we are already going on our 2nd Disney cruise!! We all can't wait. I wrote a poem out of my excitement. . .

The Wonder

Just over the bridge
there is a ship of red and blue.
Larger than ten houses,
there will be nothing you won't do.

We pull out our tickets;
our passport of dreams
and anxiously make way,
hastily it seems.

We are greeted by smiles
asking our names
then ringing through the ship
we catch a glimpse of fame.

Through mazes we find our rooms
then interest soars;
tall and wide we roam
up and down twelve floors.

Three pools on our left,
a movie theater on our right,
mickey mouse passing by,
cuisines at every sight!

We cannot help but smile
when smiles are all we see.
The horn blows strong and clear
filling our bodies with glee!

The water begins to hustle;
a view with no end.
The Florida breeze cools,
the Disney ship has begun to send.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Sun and Poetry

Over the UEA break, my family and I had the pleasure of going to Moab. The weather was perfect, not hitting above 70 degrees. We visited Dead Horse Point and Park Avenue in Arches. They were spectacular, especially Dead Horse Point- I had never been there before. At Park Avenue, we dropped dad, Bryce, and Brian off at the beginning (Brad was back at the Condo, he wasn’t feeling too good-very sad)and we drove to the end and walked up to meet them halfway, people passing us said, “This way’s harder! You should’ve gone down instead of up”" I wanted to explain that we know the route, we were just going this way to meet up with our kin. Very funny.

Anyway, on Saturday our last day, Grandma Julie, who we had the wonderful company of, was paining and pasting away in her thick creative scrapbooks. I sat next to her out on the deck and listened and watched her in the zone. I was very much intrigued by it all. I stood up and said, “Grandma, I’m going to write a poem about this very scene, what your doing.” She laughed and was thrilled. I took a seat on a near by anti-gravity chair (newest addition to the condo) and started writing. After only about twenty minutes or so, I presented to her my poem:

Grandma’s Paint

The sun gives
ideal source
for drying acrylic;
perfect for her pages
on which she pastes
thoughts and pleasures.

Light breeze ripples
on hardening liquid.
Cool eases heat
that hits her forhead
but even then
strokes of stained fingers
on crinkled paper
ignore unsettledness.

Birds afar conquer
allowing new ideas
to enter book;
cars hum, them also
implanting a new head title.

All now that is heard
are dogs, birds, faint bugs
and grandma's brushing,
paper crackling.
The king of creative
could not even compete.

She closes book;
cracking of new and
past entries.
Thicker than a brick,
she'll return on inspired ideas.

I felt so honored when she then cheered with glee (like Grandma does) and demanded she have a copy for each of her books. I was very excited. Later on after a few changes in the poem, very minor, I wrote it on a half sheet of lined paper and set it on the table on the deck, next to her crafts for her to see. She was very excited. If there’s anyone to be complimented on my poems by, it’s Grandma. I like to say I have adapted her style of writing to my own. I hope one day I can have a book of poetry like she does.