Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's New?

So the past couple days have felt very cool, and I am holding on to the chance that it might be because fall is approaching and will arrive when it should and not prematurely. Last year as I recall, it came so late, we basically didn't have fall. It went right into winter almost. sheesh. Well, I am counting down the days when I can take all my summer clothes out and hang up the winter ones. It is so much more fun to dress for winter/fall than it is for summer. I hate summer. Anyway, school is fun. I am taking only two classes, math and American literature. I enjoy the second one. Math, I am just wanting to pass and get it over with so I can take 1030 next so I can be done next semester with math forever! A recent decision has been made, one that I should have made after I graduated from High School, and that is to live In Logan with Grandma. What a splendid time that will be! So far I am just planning on moving next summer, but if plans take me a different direction and things are going good there, I will stay and transfer to Utah State. Ah the college my own mother attended. Anyway, when I brought the idea up with Grandma, she was thrilled and we both wish I could go now. But, there is a bit much going on here that I cannot let go of quite yet. I plan to acquire my associates at UVU and then move. Anyway, hooray for Logan, I love that little town. And what an opportunity to be able to live in the house my mom lived in and better, her own room (that's right, ''I call the yellow room!'' - a phrase often used when we would travel to grandma's house) Well, I am just so excited for these next months, fall, Halloween, going to Roberts with my sister and nieces to admire the fall and Halloween decor, listening to cmas music in my cozy car with snow outside, well Christmas might be too far ahead, so for now I will just express my excitement for fall. It is so cozy and fun. I have almost been employed at Macey's for a year. WOW. that went by fast. I like it there, though last week and all this week I am a cashier! My optimistic attitude tells me I will supervise again soon once the newbies are trained (two new supervisors). But, I am grateful to have a job and to be able to provide for myself with gas money and tuition and car payment and insurance. Oh, no money for clothes shopping, or going out to lunch. That was so last year. Disneyland sucked most of that money out of me, but I will never regret going! Well I am going to continue reading "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, then arise for a busy day, oh, Happy Birthday Lindsey!