Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Re of a Union

Hello Babies, It’s so good to see you again…


100_6638 100_6642 100_6662

They are simply the cutest of them all. So glad they’re here for a while!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Happs April 2010

While performing my regular duties as a Macey’s cashier, I was approached by my supervisor. She told me shut down my check stand, then came closer and said quietly, “Kerry wants to speak with you in his office, it’s not bad it’s good.” Kerry is my boss’s boss…anyway so I thought, OK nothing to worry about she said it was good. When we reached to his office he basically got right to the point and asked me if I would agree to being promoted to a SUPERVISOR. I happily accepted. He said some very nice things to me that I will never forget. Having worked at Macey’s for only 5 months, I felt deeply honored. Supervising is a tough job even as I just look at my supervisors doing what they do I think to myself, “Man I’m glad I don’t have that job!” Well what goes around comes around. I am excited. This is definitely a major mile stone in my employment career. I hope I will be good at it and work extra hard. I will be working twice as much and will only have one day off. With school starting in a week and a half (8 weeks long not to mention) I will be busy than ever before. I hope I can handle it!


Other news, oh yes school! Starts May 5th and I am so excited. I’ve always loved school, learning more specifically. Going in the summer will be different as I have never done summer before. My three classes will be fast moving and I will do my best to keep up! Life is good right now. I’m proud to say I’ve saved a lot for summer tuition. I have Emily and KC to thank for that. I’m also grateful I got my job back at Macey’s easily, and now I’ll be a supervisor! So many exiting things are seeming to fall in my life right about now. I love my family and friends-they rock.


So excited to see the triplets as they have just arrived here in Utah. Can’t wait to snuggle them like the old days. Sweet sweet babies.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Mine

To Ruby, Bennett, and Alex


223[3]225[3] 217[4]


This was the song we’d always listen to as we’d rock them to sleep when they were still in swings.


Baby Mine don’t you cry

baby mine dry your eyes

rest your head close to my heart

never to part

baby of mine


Little one when you play

don’t you mind what they say

Let those eyes sparkle and shine

never a tear

baby of mine


If they knew sweet little you

they would start loving you too

all those same people

who scold you

what they’d give

just for the right to hold you


From you head down to your toes

your not much goodness knows

but your so precious to me

sweet as can be

baby of mine



Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Jeep Safari 2010

‘Tis the reason we go, the title there. It’s always fun just to be in town when the jeep safari is in action because of the tourism and numerous off road vehicles. I and all my siblings including niece and nephew all left Thursday late afternoon and stayed till Sunday. We enjoyed hiking/walking through devils garden and eventually branching off to Landscape Arch. The weather Friday was chilly but blue skies-it would look like a beautiful day to swim from inside. After a delightful lunch of Pita Pizzas made the way my cousin Emily makes them, we went over to Potato Salad to join the gathering and watch the dare devils venture up the treacherous hill. It was way intense! We had a barbeque that night and enjoyed playing games and chatting in the condo. Saturday morning, the ladies went on a brief walk through the mysterious neighborhood that we never had toured before-a lot of neat houses! The guys all golfed while we hung out in the condo with the chillin’s. That afternoon, Ben Lindsey Sawyer and I drove over to Gemini Bridges. It was a fun trail however being overcast, it was still a bit chilly. We enjoyed eating out that night at La Hacienda. It was sooooo good. This morning (the day we left) it as clear skies and warm weather-the day of all days to be perfect. How Ironic. The kid inside me wanted to swim no matter what so Saturday I, Brad, Brian, and Reese swam anyway despite the freezing weather-the water was warm so I thought why not.

Always sad to leave Moab. We always have a great time.


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