Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Birthday Of All Days

I could be so close to Dinosaur World and yet, so far away! (clifford fans) Well I am now 21. Yes, it does feel different. I am officially legal I guess. Today was a good day. Went to my ward for the first time after these past two months being gone. It was lovely seeing all my friends again. Always fun to have a birthday on Sunday because then you get to see everyone and be spoiled jk ;) Well all the sibs and offspring came over for a petite party and it was delightful. I received exciting treasures and enjoyed having my nephew and niece help me un wrap. Well Birthdays seem to fly right by but we all enjoy the day when we feel we’re on top of the world. It’s the day we stop to recognize how awesome we are. Just kidding. I think my favorite present was the big suprise Emily and KC gave me…the game Wackee 6. I probably laughed for a whole minute out of excitement. Thank-you thank-you. Well after 5 long years, it is finally my turn to report to the DMV of Utah and obtain a current drivers license. 2010 bring me good things!! To infinite and beyond!


100_5445Although only an aunt of three, I feel the luckiest one of all.

100_5433 I love her. That is all I can say.

 100_5488 Hip Hip…HOORAY!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


While in Maryland, I was introduced to a song which is now my favorite. The Luckiest by Ben Folds. Just now I was listening to it and we all know how songs remind us of things, places, events, and people. I started missing the place where I spent two months of my life. I’m missing the babies. I was browsing through some pictures and videos from my trip and wished so badly I could cuddle them. I often share the story of how we would get the babies up from their naps, after crying for hours and the immediate relief they have in their eyes. We’d place them on the couch, still wrapped up tight in their swaddles, tears streaming from their red eyes in their ears, and they literally would laugh and smile non stop. I don’t think there is anything cuter. Immediate forgiveness seemed to take over our minds from them being little naughties and  not napping. I have never seen happier babies than Alex, Bennett, and Ruby. I guess having three babies means having triple the happiness. I was told and I knew myself that once I was home again, I would have “withdrawals” from the babies and find myself catching habits I formed there and hearing cries that aren’t there-well truth is, none of those have occurred and I don’t know why. The other truth is, I wish they did, more than anything. I wish I woke up in the middle of the night swearing I could hear crying. I wish I had a baby to feed every three hours, preferably three to choose from, I wish I could baby talk again (my niece Stella is 18 months and sometimes I find myself cooing to her at a more premature level than her own, I smile because I know I acquired it from the triplets) It is good to be home, but I’ll never not love those who made me who I am today. I almost wanted to cry when I just thought about how I will see the honeys in less than a month. What will it be like?  Will the littles recognize me? Will they smile and coo like they did when I would crouch down to their level and stroke their tear stained faces? I do hope so. I love them and I’ve never learned so much about motherhood then with what I did with these babes.

23625_407971336390_586086390_5386935_6184965_n Ah Goo!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls Night

Well I am home. I was so excited to see my sisters, mom, and niece at the airport greeting me. It was a little weird at first, but I got into the swing of things pretty quickly. We went straight to park city for a night of fun! We went shopping, then went to check in at the Homestead-a cute old fashion country motel. Then we went  back to park with  and ate at Baja Cantina, a mexican restaurant down town. It was so good, and we enjoyed watching the snow fall out from the big windows. So cozy!

We went back to our hotel and enjoyed swimming and hot tubbing ,and playing games in our room. It was so fun to come home to that! So good to be home.


100_5305  100_5313  100_5312  100_5328 100_5340 girl power!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 Day

How do you say goodbye to a home and family you've grown to love after two months? I'm at a loss of words at this final night. If you could gather all the kindness and generosity in the world, it would make Emily and KC Robinson. I know I've helped them a great deal with the children, but I will always feel that there's something more I can do for them for all they've done for me. I will miss them and this home and town I've grown to know. What a fantastic opportunity this has been. I will cherish it for the rest of my life for when I become a mother, I will look back on these two months and know that this was where I learned it all-really. We've been through a lot here, but every second was worth it and I will never take it for granted. Being a part of these babies lives and watching them grow has left me feeling incredibly grateful and lucky. Numerous inside jokes have been created under this very roof and it's what brought us closer together. Emily, you are one of my top role models in my life. I love how close we've become as cousins, almost sisters! I will never forget the wonderful times we've shared. Emily, KC – “Lets get wacky!”


Good-bye Alex
Good-bye Bennett
Good-bye Ruby

I love you


My Family


The Swiss Family Robinsons

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Days

-Today was a great day! Babies wore spring clothing for the first time! It’s so warm outside probably mid 70’s! If by some miracle I might make it to see the infamous cherry blossoms, but I will be pessimistic and say it most likely won’t happen, not that I don’t believe in miracles…

-Emily and I went to target, I bought her a 16x20 frame for a gift that is coming in the mail that I will unfortunately miss out on the arrival :( It’s partially a secret as half of it is already obvious. I’m so excited though even If I can’t be there.

-We all took the babies on a walk today in their umbrella strollers and they loved it! We walked around a big part of the neighborhood and just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful weather!

-Emily and I watched Cloverfield. Scariest movie I have ever seen- the end.

-I got to help make Thai food with noodles and peanut sauce! It was delicious! Tasted like no bake cookie sauce with chinese noodles. I think I shall make it for my family in the near future.

-We enjoyed watching Psycho on the patio in the dark with cozy blankets- it was my first time seeing it and it actually was scary, and being outside in the dark helped a great deal.

-One more day of the babies and I don’t know what to think, doesn’t feel like it’s the end really. I wonder if I’ll cry (Never have been a cryer in all my days of life) but I must remind myself that I will see this wonderful family in one months time. All is well.



Pictures of the day

(After the walk and all very tired.)



A100_5132  R100_5136 100_5117 B

Friday, March 19, 2010

3 Days

-I started packing today  and am pretty much set  :( why? Because I don’t want the stress of doing it the day before I leave; I’d rather spend my last day playing with the babies and soaking in the fact that my two months are already up.

-We had a karaoke party with the Newsies and the babies! They actually liked it, they had their eyes on the movie for a while!

-I love the patio with the gravity chairs, I read my book on it and had a nice power nap.

-After three days we finally finished The Prestige! I still find myself learning new things in that movie, I asked Emily like 15 questions, bless her heart.

-Emily and KC are out on a date and I’m so glad! It’s kind of fun to have the house to myself although I don’t really do anything different. The babies are sound asleep and we still cross our fingers for a full nights sleep from them…but waking up once is still better than when they use to wake up 2-3 times only a month + ago. Amazing




Wearing the beanies I made for them! Fun project that I brought here. ha ha looks silly not matching their outfits (except Ruby), but these babies can make anything look cute!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 Days

-Alex woke up crying around 3 am, but we let him fuss until 3 45 when we got all three up. So many times we thought he’d go back to sleep for good because he’d be so quiet for about ten minutes, but then break out again. Soon enough they’ll sleep through the night and I’m sad I’ll miss this big marker in their lives.

-My third day in a row of running! Great way to start out the day. The route I made up is really good I think- I run about three blocks until I get to an avenue. I run up one side and then walk back down and do that four times then I power walk back home. So I feel I’m doing a bit of everything.

-Emily and I had a lot of fun watching The Village during the babies second nap! It’s sooo good!

-We fed babies cereal again today. Bennett doesn’t like it, Ruby doesn’t mind it, and Alex LOVES it- so much that before the spoon touches his lips he’s already chomping. It’s so cute.

-One of my favorite movies The Four Feathers came from Netflix and we watched it, it being Emily’s first time. The babies also watched it with us once they woke up in their comfortable bumbos- they seem to make great movie chairs.

-We got to go to Target. Always nice to get out especially to go shopping. We came home and finished the Prestige which we started yesterday. We enjoyed banana splits during it.



100_5076 Just chillin’

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Days

March 17-

-Started off the morning greeting babies at 7 am in their cribs- they are always so happy when they wake up first thing. I went running again, I made up my own little route that I will stick to the rest of the week.

-Emily and I watched The Music Man but had to push pause as we both caught each other falling asleep, so we took a quick nap then continued on.

-I got to help make dinner and I learned how to make Irish beef stew and Irish Soda bread (hmm St. Patrick's day, how appropriate!) It was easy and fun.

-While dinner cooked we enjoyed playing Quiddler on the porch in gravity chairs. It was so relaxing being out in the almost 70 degree weather! We enjoyed ourselves very much.


I have fun posing the babes…


100_5041 tee hee

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Days

-I went for a run this morning in the beautiful neighborhood! It’s like Logan mixed with Pennsilvania very beautiful. When I came home, Emily and I did Pilates which I had never done before. Quite interesting but felt good!

-There were many moments today where Alex would not stop talking! It was so adorable. He just puckers his lips, scowls and looks right into your eyes. It’s so funny!

-Emily made a very interesting meal tonight! It’s called Caus Caus, she thinks it’s from India. I had never had anything like it in my entire life! Very good.

- We found ourselves without a movie to watch. PANIC! Emily went to the library to grab some while I  sat on a gravity chair on the back porch reading a book in beautiful spring weather! It was probably close to 65 degrees! Awesome. So anyway she brought home Spanglish, The Prestige, The Music Man, The Village, Cloverfield, and Psycho. Already watched Spanglish (**)  but those movies will keep us company for the rest of the week.

-LOST is tonight, I hope it’s as good as last weeks! I’m so excited to join my fellow LOST club back in Utah and finish this thrilling final season.


A few new movies I’ve seen here that I recommend (which a lot of you have probably already seen):

-Lars and The Real Girl (Ryan Gosling)

-The Passengers (Anne Hathaway)

-It Could Happen To You (Nicolas Cage)

-Love Happens (Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhart)

-Shallow Hal (Jack Black)

-One Fine Day (Michelle Pfeiffer)


Well time is ticking and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to leave these dolls…


Monday, March 15, 2010

7 Days

I remember my last night at home before my journey to Maryland. My entire family gathered for a small farewell for me. I distinctively remember my sister in law Lindsey saying to me “It will go by way fast”. At that time I had brushed that aside due to bigger things on my mind, “I’m leaving everything for two months!” To me two months felt like it was going to be a long long time. It seems like it was yesterday when Lindsey told me that and now I’m going to see her in 7 days. I’m going to see everyone very soon and It’s quite mind boggling. One day while here, I was thinking to myself, “Why do the days go by so fast?” And then It hit me when one day Emily and I were watching our reason-movies. I think I will go home in a humongous movie mood. I’ve watched probably 15 new movies I had never seen before. I’ll make a list at the end! Well anyway, Emily and I have had some pretty funny times, times where we cried laughing, and times where our stomachs were sore the next day from laughing. I will miss it very much but I’d now like to start a small journal of my last “good” times with the Robinsons.


We’ll start with today, or rather, this morning and I mean morning!

-March 15- We all got up at 2:45 am to feed the babes (we weren’t too ecstatic due to us being use to them waking up at 4 previous days) and the day before we had all been joking about how tired we are as we sit like zombies in the living room too tired to even hold the bottle up right, silent for the entire feeding. I told Emily I’m going to be so outgoing when we wake up early tomorrow you just watch! I’m going to be like, lets party! Well that next morning came and the conversation went like this:  cough or two             “just eat”          possible snore…?           achoo! oooooo         Aa goo! (little naughties sometimes wake up!)  

-Emily went to Costco today while I watched He’s Just Not That Into You. I thought, “fine I’ll watch it!” it wasn’t too bad! The babies are so funny when we pick them up from their naps after they’ve been crying for an hour. The second we put them down on the couch all next to each other, they immediately begin cooing and smiling. It’s like we immediately forgive them for not napping cause of the cuteness. They get away with everything.

-Emily and I watched Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie and danced with the babies to the grooves. They stiffen up as we help them stand and hold their hands. It was so cute.

-My four year old niece called me today and she talked to me more than she ever has on the phone. She read to me or rather, discussed what she saw in the pictures of about 4 of her books and she also made a list of things she wants for her birthday, lets see she wanted three pairs of shoes all different colors, I think blue, green, and purple. I love her and I can’t wait to see her.

-Emily and I enjoyed this evenings, “2020 Inside the Bachelor” a reminisce of all the seasons on abc. As I am back home watching it I will think of her because she was the one who converted me (even though I was hooked ten minutes in of my first episode!) Well that concludes Monday, March 15. Until next time, I’m Britney Jensen.

I’ll also take and post a picture a day of the Littles



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Timeline of the Triplets

To show their progress of how they’ve improved with sleeping in the night

December 27-

Babies did not sleep for more than a half hour.

January 12-

Babies slept for an hour at a time, maybe a little longer if lucky

January 23-

Babies sleep in their swings waking up separately every half hour to forty five minutes only to be rocked back to sleep.

February 6-

Babies put into cribs for the first time and wake up every two to three hours

February 20-

Babies wake up to eat twice a night to eat ( 1 and 4 am)

March 10-

Babies wake up once in the night eat and sleep in their cribs in the day time!!!


It’s fascinating how far they’ve come in just two months and how their bodies just know to change! Xoxo Alejandro, Benny Boy and Rubes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Photo Shoot

100_4913   100_4897-1 


  100_4901   100_4908


100_4906   100_4934


100_4952   100_4954


100_4912     100_4926

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Think I've Fallen In Love

How can you not love a baby who has been crying for two hours, but smiles at you when you pick them up as if you are an angel? How can you not love a baby who stares into your eyes and smiles, instead of finishing their bottle? How can you not love a baby who's eyes will follow you as you walk away wondering where you're going? How can you not love a baby who kicks their legs to no end? How can you not love a baby who giggles amidst crying because they've given it all they've got to play for one more minute? How can you not love a baby who is fast asleep dreaming in your arms, perfectly still and silent, you feeling as if all the frustration and anger and sadness never happened because these angels are perfect. It is easy to love these things of a baby, but it's easier to love all this when it's triple the smiles, triple the sweet tears, triple the kicks, triple the giggles, and triple the sleeping angels.

After placing them on the couch after a long two hours of crying, they smile under their tightly wrapped bunties relieved to see missed familiar faces. They're ready to play with their red eyes and tear wet cheeks. I missed you babies.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Missing It More Than Ever

\4602_109343701390_586086390_3087108_2012809_n Dear Disneyland. . .

Because I never get sick of you. . .


  and the magic has never gone away. . .


I’ll see you soon

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Land That I Love!

Well, I did what I wanted to do and that is tour all of D.C. and Arlington Cemetery last Saturday. Emily took me the first Saturday that I got here but we were there for only a few hours and only visited a few things and it was great, but I had the entire day off this time and I got to spend it with a friend visiting from Utah. It was so fun being there again. My first visit was in 2002 then in 2006 then in 2010. Hmm…I see a pattern; every four years I come upon visiting D.C. I like it! I should keep it that way. I don’t know what it is about all the historical monuments all around me but I absolutely am fascinated with it all. It was so wonderful being back.


100_4792 100_4806 Got to go up in the Washington Monument! Great view

100_4881 100_4840 Sitting in front of the white house was possibly one of the most exciting things of the entire day! So much history inside there.