Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream With Me

I don't quite know how to put into words my deep love for the upcoming seasons.
These are the images I've been dreaming of all throughout the summer, a terrible season to bare through I must say. 


If only the weather changed all of the sudden around the end of september and lasted till early or mid November, that would be ideal. But we still get to see the colors and feel the cool air even if for a short time as the previous autumns have been that I recall. I love to bundle up in a light sweater and maybe a pair of gloves. I love to feel the autumn breeze and see it rustle the red leaves throughout the streets. I can only think of one word to describe it, cozy. 


The reason I love this holiday has much to do with the fact that it happens during the fall time. This holiday is my favorite to decorate for. I don't get too much into costumes and parties, but they're still fun    because it all happens in this cool breezy cozy season. I love to see people buying cider and pumpkins where I work because I know that they're buying it for a party or for family enjoyment. 


The second biggest holiday for family gatherings and fond memory making. I love this holiday because it means Christmas is right around the corner. I have fond memories waking up on thanksgiving day hearing Christmas music upstairs and mom continuing preparations for the feast. It's a day to stay right at home and light the fireplace, cozy up with a good book and maybe put on a Christmas movie. Everyone is in a good mood full of a joyful spirit.


I'm so grateful for the Christmas traditions I grew up with. They are extremely special to me and I hold them very dear. I think I love Christmas Eve more because the excitement is at it's peak. Christmas is really here and tonight we get to celebrate with our traditions. The eve and Christmas day are the two days out of the year that are truly wonderful. I cannot express my love for this holiday and the love that is in the air between families. It's no wonder that this time of happiness and peace is the time we celebrate Christ's birth. 

Sorry but spring and summer have no sentimental value for me. They are the two seasons that I wait for to be over. I can't wait for it to be October and on. It all truly brings me joy. I love it all and I still do not think this post has expressed it fully :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Finally, a hobby that I love. I've been needing something to do in my spare time and I finally found it- homemade home decor! I am a frequenter at Hobby Lobby now and can't seem to get enough of thier good deals. It really is so much cheaper to make stuff than buy it, and more fun! Anyway, here's the latest!

These were just cardboard-ish paper letters. I just glued scrapbook paper on then mod-podged it and sanded it!

These jars are pretty hard to get the paper in there in a circular form but I found that if I just cut if narrow enough it'll go around the entire jar quite without being crooked. So simple. Paper and ribbon.

These letters were kind of an accidental project. I bought them thinking I'd make something totally different, but I changed my mind on the other idea I had and went ahead and made this! The ribbon is just super glued to the back and the polka dots are hole punched from the scrapbook paper I had and then I mod podged it all on!


Friday, August 31, 2012

What Happens In Life

So Nick is going to school this semester and I'm so proud of him. He hasn't skipped one semester (except summer). We're so blessed that we have been able to qualify for grants. Really, I don't want to live off school loans, even if it's a ton of money at the time and it's so awesome having so much money to live off of. No, I won't do it. I already have one loan that just kicked in that I received three years ago and I find myself complaining; I will not do that either because it could be worse, much worse. So I'm relating this story to prayer and I'll come back to that later. Nicks grant just went through the school and his semesters are now paid for and we knew we'd be getting some left over money back for our own but we did not know when. Rent for newlyweds is challenging but it's life. We also have a savings which is reserved for baby bills but sometimes we withdraw from it for emergencies, but we always put it back in. Well Rent is due on Saturday and Nick just got a job but won't get his pay for another week so I was stressing because to meet Rent we'd have to withdraw quite a bit from savings knowing we'd put it back but it'd take a couple weeks. Anyway I prayed that everything would be alright that we'd somehow come up with it. Well this morning I logged on to our bank and the school deposited our share of the grant money. It's amazing how the lord really is listening and is totally aware of our situations. Every time a blessing like this happens, I regret complaining and worrying. This is where my lack of faith comes in, but is restored all the same. I'm so glad Nick got a job and is going to school. He had a hard time finding a job after his temporary summer job at the nursery at Home Depot. He works right down the street from our house and he even walks there sometimes. The Lord knows exactly what we need and when it feels impossible to believe that things will turn out, they will! I'm grateful for that knowledge, and I'd like to say these things in the name.....Jk.

Life is good. I am striving every day to be an optimistic person in the financial realm. Our life, our problems, our situations are the only things that matter. Money and possessions other people have that are our age doesn't matter at all. I hate comparing ourselves to others. I want to be happy for other people and what they have and not envious. Perhaps it's normal to feel this way when you're poor. But it really doesn't matter how much money you have or what you don't have. What matters is that you're happy and supporting yourselves. This concludes my thoughts on August 30.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blogging Again

I think I now have a reason to blog again. After we got married and that blog post was made, I didn't really have much to say. There wasn't anything exciting happening with us. But now there is something exciting happening with us and there always will be which means I will blog here on out. We are expecting our first baby on February 20. We are so excited! Every successful blog that I come across includes baby posts because there's always something to write about each and every day so I'm excited to be able to do that! I hope I get more readers. Blogging about a baby will draw more attention than blogging about my husband and I going to Disneyland which was about as exciting as it got. Please follow my blog in the coming months and I promise I won't let you down! Hooray for blogging again!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Happening With 12 Days Left

Hello all, it's been ages, yes ages because I was a different age when I posted last. So anyway, I woke up this morning and remembered that I am to be wedded in a week and a half. A week and a half that won't negotiate with me to slow down. I've heard reality doesn't hit until the night before the marriage...or even the morning of. This will probably be true for me since I haven't felt the "hitting" of it all. I think about it all day...so why aren't I freaking out? Maybe I was just born to be this way--cool.

So anyway, something exciting happened last night. We went to go look at a cottage after looking at a basement apartment in AF...I almost wanted to just say yes in case we don't find anything afterward, but Nick insisted that we just see this one last place before we make any decisions- I'm glad I listened. We drove over to a whole different city which is exciting-Lindon is the name. Like London but with an "i". So we turn on this little hidden road with a little hidden number such as 40 E. We go a ways and find that its a quiet old hidden road. We already like it. Then we see the address and see the cottage behind the old home. My first thoughts were, dang not as nice looking as the pics. So we go and meet the people and take a look inside- very very small...mini everything. But perfect for us. by the end of the tour inside we were undecided, until we took a tour of the yard. It sold us. Blossom trees everywhere, vines covering the whole house, a tree house, and old brick garage for us, basically enchanting and magical. Nick had the biggest grin on his face and right then I knew it'd be the one. So long story short we expressed deep interest and emailed the application that same night. They called up our references, and called me today and said they want us to live there. Joy for the days I say! Well, we'll live there right when we come home from the honeymoon. It's all coming together...just like everyone says it would :)

If I don't post until after the wedding, then I leave you as Mrs. Britney Lawyer. If I do post before, then I'm still a Jensen.

Happy May all! Ta

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Nick is my Fiance

I have a Fiance named Nick, or Nicholas. He's the man of my dreams, though only 6 months ago, I was sure he wasn't, as the world was just telling me to hold on, wait for it, you'll fall for him! I was not amused. How much I now understand the word "Stubborn" as I once was for quite some time. All along I thought I knew him and I had judged him too quickly. I am eternally grateful he did not give up (though he almost did). Now, might I brag? Here's the 10 top reasons why he is my fiance.

1. He sings like an angel, and when he does I find myself loving him more.
2. He builds things. What a handy man.
3. He is intelligent.
4. He draws/paints/sketches take your pic!
5. He makes me laugh, sometimes so hard I can scarcely comprehend the brilliance of his humor.
6. Ever since the beginning, he liked me for exactly who I was.
7. He compliments me quite often.
8. He plays with my nieces and nephew.
9. He flew to California and surprised me with a proposal of marriage.
10. He is going to be the father of my children.

that my friends, is Nick Lawyer.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the....Ok here's the story for those who care to know because it's long and I would much rather write a message for all then one by one.

The Proposal
On January 12th, my brother and I had gone off on our own in Disneyland. After we rode Jungle Cruise, he said to me, "I have to show you something cool by the castle" I thought...something I've never seen? Bring it on. So we walk across the castle, and my family is all there at the main street circle, how convenient I thought. So they all follow us. We get to snow whites wishing well and I told my brother, "what's new? Sorry but this is no surprise I've seen this area before." So then my sister in law tell us (all who were surrounding the wishing well) to make a wish. Then she started taking pictures of me. Hmm. Then I turn around and see a cast member from fantasy land approach me. She said, "Are you Britney"? That threw me for a loop. I responded, "Yes.." Then she outstretches her hand which held a pamphlet with my name on it that said Princess Britney. What in the world I thought. Then I see my whole family with their video cameras out. Then she tells me to follow her as we venture across the other side of the castle by the plaza. During our walk she kept asking my magical questions that I didn't know how to answer cause I was weird-ed out by it all, literally answering "uh" and "I dunno". So we get to the other side and there stand two more cast members from fantasy land holding a sleeping beauty music box. They open it and there was a Tiara. Still dumbfounded, she put it on my head and sprinkled pixie dust on my head and told me to make a wish. I couldn't help but wish that Nick was here to propose, but during all this I thought, maybe is doing all this just to make me feel special, like he was saying "Hi" from home. I thought that until she said "Do you think there's a prince charming somewhere?" Then my mind just went blank. I answered again, dumbly. She said lets go check. So we walk under the castle slowly. I'm looking to my right and to my left. "What the?" I'm thinking to myself. Then right as we come under from the castle, i feel a tap on my shoulder from behind and there Nick is. My hands flew to my mouth in wonder. I kept saying "Why are YOU here?!" (I had to inquire of my words at that moment because I couldn't remember I was in shock!)He sang a few words of my favorite song, The Luckiest by Ben Folds, then said some sweet things, and got on his knee. He had the engagement ring and it fit! It is a diamond Mickey. How appropriate. Anyway he popped the question and I said Yes and I hugged him for a long time. Then I backed away laughing, then I hugged him again and that repeated for three or four times. Hugged my fam, started crying, balled on his shoulder, then........................ we went on Peter Pan.

The End.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Photos

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I, like my sister, have once again acquired an opportunity to photograph my cousin and his beautiful fiancé-best part is, I get to take her bridals soon. Those to follow. Enjoy!


IMG_5506-1 This is the chosen one






special thanks to east Mapleton neighborhood

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's New?

So the past couple days have felt very cool, and I am holding on to the chance that it might be because fall is approaching and will arrive when it should and not prematurely. Last year as I recall, it came so late, we basically didn't have fall. It went right into winter almost. sheesh. Well, I am counting down the days when I can take all my summer clothes out and hang up the winter ones. It is so much more fun to dress for winter/fall than it is for summer. I hate summer. Anyway, school is fun. I am taking only two classes, math and American literature. I enjoy the second one. Math, I am just wanting to pass and get it over with so I can take 1030 next so I can be done next semester with math forever! A recent decision has been made, one that I should have made after I graduated from High School, and that is to live In Logan with Grandma. What a splendid time that will be! So far I am just planning on moving next summer, but if plans take me a different direction and things are going good there, I will stay and transfer to Utah State. Ah the college my own mother attended. Anyway, when I brought the idea up with Grandma, she was thrilled and we both wish I could go now. But, there is a bit much going on here that I cannot let go of quite yet. I plan to acquire my associates at UVU and then move. Anyway, hooray for Logan, I love that little town. And what an opportunity to be able to live in the house my mom lived in and better, her own room (that's right, ''I call the yellow room!'' - a phrase often used when we would travel to grandma's house) Well, I am just so excited for these next months, fall, Halloween, going to Roberts with my sister and nieces to admire the fall and Halloween decor, listening to cmas music in my cozy car with snow outside, well Christmas might be too far ahead, so for now I will just express my excitement for fall. It is so cozy and fun. I have almost been employed at Macey's for a year. WOW. that went by fast. I like it there, though last week and all this week I am a cashier! My optimistic attitude tells me I will supervise again soon once the newbies are trained (two new supervisors). But, I am grateful to have a job and to be able to provide for myself with gas money and tuition and car payment and insurance. Oh, no money for clothes shopping, or going out to lunch. That was so last year. Disneyland sucked most of that money out of me, but I will never regret going! Well I am going to continue reading "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, then arise for a busy day, oh, Happy Birthday Lindsey!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Land of Disney

After a year and two months…I returned faithfully to Disneyland. It was magical as always. I went with my Best Friend who is getting married soon, so it was sort of a bachelorette party-the ultimate bachelorette party eh? We drove down on a Monday and got there in 9 hours! Found our hotel fine, and a half hour later, we were on the trail. We stayed till mid night of course, then enjoyed another 4 days including a morning at the beach. I upgraded my pass to an annual, truthfully I felt naked using a little paper card with a barcode, can’t remember the last time I had one of those! I even lost my annual pass on space mountain, but with much searching and checking up on various lost and founds, they had it at the ticket booth! Turns out when the park closes, they walk through space mountain, I cant imagine what they find…oh, my pass! anyway I was rejoicing all day. So the park was crowded, but being a party of 2, we didn’t stress too much. We were quick and slithered our way through the madness. We rode every ride in both parks, except three. Some we rode more than 4 times, ha! Anyway, I loved being back. I missed it so much. It was like being home. Here are some pics of the magic.




100_8242 Us with the guy who drives the fire truck


100_8256 Us with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies!





Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Bit of Me

It has been quite some time since I last posted anything, so now I will post something. Summer 2010 has been fun. As school ended mid June, I have found myself working, and playing tennis-that is about it. Oh, I also bought a car on July 10. It was a long process and the car wasn't fully mine until just about two days ago. How I love my car. Quick story on why I had to enter into such a debt: around the end of June, I went outside to start my car cause I was going to go somewhere. I put in the key, and it clicked and then was silent after more tries with the ignition. I sighed. After having tried jumping it several times with different cars, it didn't budge. Two weekends ago when I went to Moab, my dad who stayed behind checked out my car to see what might be wrong with it, turns out the problem was beyond us and our money so I said to myself it is simply not worth it. So i went car shopping the day after we returned from Moab (fun trip btw, hot hot hot but Moab is always a fun getaway) I found myself a '97 Toyota camry with a sun roof I should add. It is so much fun.

Well, that's probably the newest of things in my life right now. Today is Pioneer day and my parents and Brian are in Logan, unfortuntely I could not join them as I have to work all weekend. How I love visiting dear Grandma and that old house. Anyway, since they are gone, we few siblings had a bbq at my sisters and swam in the pool. It was a fun time.

My Disneyland trip that I have been counting down to since May is almost here! I can hardly wait. How I've missed it so.

Supervising at Macey's is grand except for the fact that they cut over 1,000 hours among all employees and it leaves us with very few baggers and cashiers which results in my having to step in a checkstand and not be abe to "supervise" c'mon boss! It has been better past few weeks so as is well.

Until recently I have decided to elaborate on my major, yes it is still creative writing, and yes I still would like to become a great author some day, but for starters, I want to gather all my poetry and future poems and make a book like my grandma's. A simple hard bound book. Nothing professional, no legit publishing, just something that my work can be safe in and all typed up. I want to start looking into it soon.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Newly Found Interests

I had the opportunity to have my official photo shoot for my best friend who is getting married. What fun we had, and I had editing! enjoy my newly found interests.


 IMG_4576 IMG_4718 IMG_4852 IMG_4514 IMG_4188 IMG_4144 IMG_4053 IMG_3753 IMG_3896

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Down 5 to Go

Well, today was my last day of summer semester. I'm glad I went (i never do summer) because I got three classes over with in 7 weeks rather than in three and a half months had I waited to take them in the fall. However, I have some sad news. Ever since fall semester ended last December, I had rejoiced in knowing I had broken the Jensen curse by passing Math 1010. I got a C- and assumed (which makes an -ass- out of -u- and -me- so I shouldn't have done that) that I passed it because in previous math courses, I got a C- and was fine. So life went on quite jolly as I was still in awe that I passed, but the other day as I went to register for fall 2010, I stumbled upon some upsetting news, in order to proceed in higher math courses starting with 1030 you need a C to pass. C- is not a passing grade. This basically ruined my whole day. Imagine yourself living life for 6 months celebrating every day the graduation of a hard math course. Sharing such joy with others and spreading the tidings. It is still depressing to this moment, but I keep my head high as I have just registered for the course again, BUT with the teacher I had before who is quite excellent. I probably would've have gotten a D- had I not had her as a teacher. So now I know I will pass this time. Also what comes as a sadness, is that my getting my associates will be post poned by a semester. That is right- Post poned. Another joy I shared too soon. This is what is new in the life of Britney Jensen. Good night and good luck.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Year is Half Over

Where in the world did this year go? I just can’t wrap my finger around the fact that it is indeed June now. June. That means 6 months ago, 6, I embarked to Maryland. 6. Crazy now time flies. Life is good. I am simply loving my new position at work. School is going by fast, only 3 more weeks! Although I’ve had hard hard weeks, I still enjoy it. The Barrett Film Festival In Logan was a lot of fun. Being there made me realize or rather, remind myself how much I love my extended family. What fun we all have. Well last Thursday I watched my little brother, my best friend, graduate from AF high. Really? I couldn’t quite grasp that it was his turn. But I just graduated…or at least I thought I did, it has been three years. High school seems like a dream looking back at it all. I miss the old days more than anything. While watching my moms home videos of her and her siblings as kids, made me cry, bawl actually. How wonderful it was to see them all so young. If I could do anything in the world it’d be to watch my mom grow up. Perhaps someday I can. Well this summer is going to be an exciting one as my best friend and I have planned a week long trip to the happiest place on earth. How excited I am. I am playing tennis more oft, now that the snow has seemed to cease finally. Thanks winter for butting in line of Spring. You better let Fall last till November. Well again, life is wonderful. I love my friends (especially the dozens I’ve made at work) and my awesome beyond awesome family. I am one lucky girl. Anyway, here are some pictures of the times. Good ol’ times



100_7174 visiting dearest grandpa

100_7191 just cute.

100_7229 after a short walk up the hill


100_7153 Friends forever and ever

100_7280 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over this cuteness.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Love Fun Times

My life is good right now. I just feel like great things are about to happen! Some already have, my promotion, and school that is starting in three days! Man I just feel pumped for the what’s ahead and I don’t even know what it is! Anyway, it’s been a fun week and I would just like to share pictures of the times…enjoy



I love my family…

100_6850 Enjoying babies at a cousins baby shower


100_6739 My niece and Alex

100_6851 So exciting having them in town!

100_6773Good friends having a good time

 100_6908 Me and my nephew

100_6775 Tee hee…I’m proud ok?