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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the....Ok here's the story for those who care to know because it's long and I would much rather write a message for all then one by one.

The Proposal
On January 12th, my brother and I had gone off on our own in Disneyland. After we rode Jungle Cruise, he said to me, "I have to show you something cool by the castle" I thought...something I've never seen? Bring it on. So we walk across the castle, and my family is all there at the main street circle, how convenient I thought. So they all follow us. We get to snow whites wishing well and I told my brother, "what's new? Sorry but this is no surprise I've seen this area before." So then my sister in law tell us (all who were surrounding the wishing well) to make a wish. Then she started taking pictures of me. Hmm. Then I turn around and see a cast member from fantasy land approach me. She said, "Are you Britney"? That threw me for a loop. I responded, "Yes.." Then she outstretches her hand which held a pamphlet with my name on it that said Princess Britney. What in the world I thought. Then I see my whole family with their video cameras out. Then she tells me to follow her as we venture across the other side of the castle by the plaza. During our walk she kept asking my magical questions that I didn't know how to answer cause I was weird-ed out by it all, literally answering "uh" and "I dunno". So we get to the other side and there stand two more cast members from fantasy land holding a sleeping beauty music box. They open it and there was a Tiara. Still dumbfounded, she put it on my head and sprinkled pixie dust on my head and told me to make a wish. I couldn't help but wish that Nick was here to propose, but during all this I thought, maybe is doing all this just to make me feel special, like he was saying "Hi" from home. I thought that until she said "Do you think there's a prince charming somewhere?" Then my mind just went blank. I answered again, dumbly. She said lets go check. So we walk under the castle slowly. I'm looking to my right and to my left. "What the?" I'm thinking to myself. Then right as we come under from the castle, i feel a tap on my shoulder from behind and there Nick is. My hands flew to my mouth in wonder. I kept saying "Why are YOU here?!" (I had to inquire of my words at that moment because I couldn't remember I was in shock!)He sang a few words of my favorite song, The Luckiest by Ben Folds, then said some sweet things, and got on his knee. He had the engagement ring and it fit! It is a diamond Mickey. How appropriate. Anyway he popped the question and I said Yes and I hugged him for a long time. Then I backed away laughing, then I hugged him again and that repeated for three or four times. Hugged my fam, started crying, balled on his shoulder, then........................ we went on Peter Pan.

The End.