Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Nick is my Fiance

I have a Fiance named Nick, or Nicholas. He's the man of my dreams, though only 6 months ago, I was sure he wasn't, as the world was just telling me to hold on, wait for it, you'll fall for him! I was not amused. How much I now understand the word "Stubborn" as I once was for quite some time. All along I thought I knew him and I had judged him too quickly. I am eternally grateful he did not give up (though he almost did). Now, might I brag? Here's the 10 top reasons why he is my fiance.

1. He sings like an angel, and when he does I find myself loving him more.
2. He builds things. What a handy man.
3. He is intelligent.
4. He draws/paints/sketches take your pic!
5. He makes me laugh, sometimes so hard I can scarcely comprehend the brilliance of his humor.
6. Ever since the beginning, he liked me for exactly who I was.
7. He compliments me quite often.
8. He plays with my nieces and nephew.
9. He flew to California and surprised me with a proposal of marriage.
10. He is going to be the father of my children.

that my friends, is Nick Lawyer.