Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Down 5 to Go

Well, today was my last day of summer semester. I'm glad I went (i never do summer) because I got three classes over with in 7 weeks rather than in three and a half months had I waited to take them in the fall. However, I have some sad news. Ever since fall semester ended last December, I had rejoiced in knowing I had broken the Jensen curse by passing Math 1010. I got a C- and assumed (which makes an -ass- out of -u- and -me- so I shouldn't have done that) that I passed it because in previous math courses, I got a C- and was fine. So life went on quite jolly as I was still in awe that I passed, but the other day as I went to register for fall 2010, I stumbled upon some upsetting news, in order to proceed in higher math courses starting with 1030 you need a C to pass. C- is not a passing grade. This basically ruined my whole day. Imagine yourself living life for 6 months celebrating every day the graduation of a hard math course. Sharing such joy with others and spreading the tidings. It is still depressing to this moment, but I keep my head high as I have just registered for the course again, BUT with the teacher I had before who is quite excellent. I probably would've have gotten a D- had I not had her as a teacher. So now I know I will pass this time. Also what comes as a sadness, is that my getting my associates will be post poned by a semester. That is right- Post poned. Another joy I shared too soon. This is what is new in the life of Britney Jensen. Good night and good luck.


  1. Never fear, cousin. I had to retake a few classes in college myself. Live and learn. Namaste.

  2. you will do fine! :)
    math is evil but i prefer it over writing. how about i do your math homework and you write my 9 paged research essay? yeah?